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100% pure lavender oil (aromatherapy, skincare and medicinal)


Distilled from three cultivars of L. x intermedia (a hybrid of L. angustifolia and L. latifolia), this beautiful oil has a lively fragrance with deep citrus notes. Of special note it contains oil which won First Prize in The Australian Lavender Growers Association Olfactory Oil Awards in 2023.  This unique house blend of lavender essential oil displays the typical properties of lavender renowned for calming the emotions and promoting sleep.   A few drops on your pillow or in a warm bath before bed can induce a restful night or use in your heated oil diffuser for a soothing bedtime atmosphere.


As well as it's sweet fragrance, this oil has antibacterial benefits and is gentle enough to use directly on skin (after a patch test) to treat spots and pimples, abrasions, insect bites or stings and minor burns.


Enjoy this beautiful oil in a wide range of aromatherapy and skincare applications when diluted for massage, bathsoaks, face and body creams and room sprays.


Key ingredients

100% Lavendula x intermedia essential oil (grown, harvested and steam distilled by Blue Mountains Lavender)


Size: 10ml

Lavender Essential Oil (L. x intermedia)

  • 100% Essential Oils: Lavender (L. x intermedia)